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Medik8 Press & Clear

Discover the transformative power of Medik8 Press & Clear, a potent 2% BHA toner designed to offer visibly clearer skin in just 7 days. Specially formulated for those with sensitive, blemish-prone skin, this innovative toner combines the effectiveness of salicylic acid with the brightening properties of tranexamic acid, providing a powerful yet gentle solution to your skin concerns.

  1. Rapid Results: Clinically proven to deliver clearer skin in as little as one week, Press & Clear is the fast-acting solution you’ve been searching for.
  2. Gentle Formula: Despite its powerful action, Press & Clear is formulated to prevent irritation, making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin types.
  3. Dual-Action BHA: Not only does it clear pores and reduce blemishes, but it also targets post-blemish marks with tranexamic acid, enhancing skin clarity and evenness.
  4. Non-Drying Composition: Unlike typical BHA treatments, Press & Clear maintains the skin’s moisture and is free from any sticky, greasy, or drying effects.
  5. Convenient and Sustainable: Available in a user-friendly pump bottle with a sustainable refill option, making your skincare routine both practical and eco-conscious.

The ingredients listed is meant as a guide, please refer to the box or leaflet inside for the full list of ingredients.

*Results may vary per person





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Medik8 Press & Clear

Discover the Power of Medik8 Press & Clear: Clearer Skin in Just One Week

As a seasoned expert at SkinAddict, I’ve encountered numerous products promising clear skin, but Medik8’s Press & Clear truly stands out. It’s not one of our own line, but as skincare enthusiasts, we recognise and appreciate effective solutions when we see them. Here’s why Press & Clear is a game changer in the realm of blemish control.

Engineered for Sensitivity: Gentle Yet Effective

Press & Clear is not just another toner; it’s a specialist 2% BHA (beta hydroxy acid) formula designed for sensitive, blemish-prone skin. This toner combines salicylic acid with tranexamic acid, ingredients chosen for their potent yet gentle properties, ensuring that clearer skin doesn’t come at the cost of comfort.

Clinically Proven Performance

Proven to deliver visibly clearer skin within a mere seven days*, Press & Clear is more than just a promise—it’s a guarantee. Our formula outperforms leading market competitors**, providing powerful results against oiliness, blackheads, enlarged pores, and post-blemish dark marks. It’s a top-tier solution for anyone seeking a definitive answer to persistent skin issues.

Thoughtful Formulation: Beyond Clearing Blemishes

Quick and Effective Results

With regular use, Press & Clear not only reduces the frequency of blemishes but also accelerates the clearing of existing skin congestion. It’s an essential tool for maintaining consistently clear skin.

Targeted Action on Dark Spots

Incorporating 2% tranexamic acid, Press & Clear offers fast, focused action on post-blemish marks, fading them swiftly to restore your skin’s natural clarity.

Dramatic Pore and Blackhead Reduction

Experience a significant reduction in the appearance of pores and blackheads, thanks to the potent BHA action that cleanses and refines skin texture.

Supports a Healthy Skin Barrier

Unlike many other BHAs, our pH-balanced formula not only clears but also enhances the skin barrier function, ensuring that your skin remains healthy and resilient while undergoing treatment.

Soothing and Comforting Ingredients

To counter any potential irritation, our toner includes sake extract and aloe vera, known for their soothing and hydrating properties, making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin types.

Convenient and Sustainable Packaging

Press & Clear comes in a handy pump bottle, making application clean and easy, and supports sustainability with a refill option. Here’s how to use it effectively:

  1. Unlock the Pump: Twist the top half anti-clockwise until it clicks.
  2. Apply the Toner: After cleansing, press down 3-4 times with a facial pad over the pump. Sweep across your face, avoiding the eye area.
  3. Lock the Pump: Secure by twisting clockwise until it clicks.
  4. Refilling Made Easy: For refills, simply transfer the pump from your old bottle to the new one and secure as before.

Note for New Users:

Initially apply once daily to observe how your skin responds, then consider increasing to twice daily for maximum effectiveness. Store the product out of direct sunlight to maintain its efficacy.

Press & Clear is your partner in achieving and maintaining beautifully clear skin, designed to deliver results without compromise. Try it and see the difference for yourself—because everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin.

*Independent consumer study conducted over 4 weeks on 50 participants with sensitive, blemish-prone skin. **Based on results from an independent dual-placement study involving 50 participants with similar skin conditions.

How To Use

Embark on your journey to clearer skin with Medik8’s Press & Clear, a breakthrough in blemish treatment designed specifically for sensitive skin. This 2% BHA toner combines salicylic and tranexamic acids to deliver visible results without irritation, offering a gentle yet effective approach to achieving and maintaining clear skin. Here’s how to incorporate this powerful product into your daily skincare routine:

  1. Unlock the Toner: Start by twisting the top half of the pump anti-clockwise until you hear a click, indicating it is unlocked.
  2. Application: After cleansing your face in the morning and/or evening, hold a facial pad (preferably reusable) firmly over the top of Press & Clear. Press down 3-4 times to dispense the toner.
  3. Apply to Skin: Sweep the pad gently across your complexion, avoiding the delicate eye area to prevent irritation.
  4. Lock the Pump: Ensure the toner is securely closed by twisting the pump clockwise until it clicks, preventing any spillage or product wastage.
  5. Refill Instructions: For those using the Press & Clear Refill, simply transfer the pump from your previous bottle onto the new one. Secure it by twisting clockwise until it clicks into place.


Ingredient Purpose
Salicylic Acid A BHA that penetrates deeply to dissolve skin debris that clogs pores, reducing blemishes and blackheads.
Tranexamic Acid Works to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of post-blemish marks.
Sake Extract Provides soothing properties and helps to enhance skin’s hydration and brightness.
Aloe Vera Known for its soothing and healing properties, aloe vera calms irritation and moisturises the skin.
2% BHA Helps in overall skin exfoliation, crucial for clearing blemishes and improving skin texture.


What makes Medik8 Blemish SOS different from other spot treatments?

At SkinAddict, our years of experience have shown us that treating blemishes requires precision and expertise. Medik8 Blemish SOS is uniquely formulated to offer targeted relief to individual imperfections without drying out the surrounding skin, ensuring a balanced approach to blemish treatment.

Can I apply makeup over Medik8 Blemish SOS?

Absolutely. Medik8 Blemish SOS leaves an invisible film on the skin that won't peel, allowing you to apply concealer or foundation seamlessly on top.

How often can I use Medik8 Blemish SOS?

You can use Medik8 Blemish SOS in the morning and/or evening after cleansing. Its gentle formulation ensures it won't over-dry the skin.

Will it cause any tingling or burning sensation?

A slight tingling upon application is normal and an indication that the product is working. If the sensation becomes uncomfortable, we recommend discontinuing use and consulting a skincare expert.

Is Medik8 Blemish SOS suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, the product is formulated to be gentle yet effective, making it suitable even for sensitive skin types. However, always patch-test any new product to ensure it's right for your skin.

Does it only work for acne-prone skin?

While Medik8 Blemish SOS is formulated with acne-prone skin in mind, its potent ingredients can tackle a variety of blemishes, making it versatile for sporadic breakouts too.

How quickly can I expect results?

Medik8 Blemish SOS is designed to offer relief and reduce the appearance of blemishes in as little as 24 hours, but individual results may vary.

Is it safe to use with other skincare products?

Yes, you can integrate Medik8 Blemish SOS into your existing skincare routine. However, ensure you cleanse the skin before application for optimal results.


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