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Medik8 C-Tetra Cream


Medik8 C-Tetra Cream

Dive into the rejuvenating world of Medik8’s C-Tetra Cream, inspired by the iconic C-Tetra serum. This sumptuous cream delivers a dual-action blend of 100% stable vitamin C and vitamin E, offering robust defence against environmental aggressors and free radical damage. Revel in its luxurious texture, designed to effortlessly nourish while upholding the skin’s vitality and radiance.

  1. Original’s Legacy: Embraces the efficacy of Medik8’s best-selling C-Tetra serum in a creamy avatar.
  2. Dual Antioxidant Defence: Combines the synergistic power of stable vitamin C and vitamin E.
  3. Combat Free Radicals: Expertly crafted to shield your skin from free radical-induced premature ageing.
  4. Daily Radiance: Fortified to illuminate and revitalise your skin every day.
  5. Silky Texture: A luxuriously smooth formula that seamlessly integrates into your daily skincare ritual.

Note: The ingredients listed is meant as a guide. For a comprehensive list, please refer to the box or accompanying leaflet.





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Medik8 C-Tetra Cream

It’s perfect for shielding the skin against environmental stressors, such as pollution and UV exposure, that cause premature skin ageing. The fast-absorbing formula helps to maintain skin health, improve uneven skin tone and restore radiance. Using a lipid-soluble form of vitamin C, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, the formula is able to deeply penetrate the skin, providing powerful antioxidant protection with minimal irritation. With uplifting natural citrus notes, C-Tetra Cream® energises skin while deeply hydrating for a bright, dewy complexion.

Revitalise with Medik8 C-Tetra Cream: Your Antioxidant Shield

Energise, Protect, Radiate

Introducing the Medik8 C-Tetra Cream, a luxurious day cream packed with a potent dose of antioxidants that work tirelessly to breathe life back into your skin. This isn’t just a cream; it’s a shield against environmental aggressors, an elixir for tired skin, and a formula created with the expertise you’ve come to trust from SkinAddict.

Your Daily Dose of Vitamins and Hydration

Harnessing the incredible power of a 100% stable Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (a premium lipid form of L- Ascorbic Acid) alongside Vitamin E, this cream is your trusted ally against free radicals and the stresses of modern life. The collagen-promoting properties of Vitamin C combined with the plumping magic of Hyaluronic Acid ensures that your skin remains firm, radiant, and impeccably supple.

Experience the Difference

Medik8 C-Tetra Cream’s lightweight and silky texture promises rapid absorption without any residue. Its potent formula offers the nourishment of a concentrated serum whilst being gentle enough for everyday use. Bask in the uplifting natural citrus notes, a hint of the energising care your skin is receiving.

Key Ingredients: Your Skin’s New Best Friends

  • Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate: A premium form of vitamin C offering exceptional antioxidant protection, while promoting youthful skin.
  • Vitamin E: An innate skin protector, it synergises with vitamin C to amplify the skin’s defence against free radicals.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: The hydration powerhouse that keeps the skin moistened, ensuring a radiant and nourished complexion.
  • Moisture Magnets: Medik8’s exclusive hydration blend ensures moisture is locked in where your skin needs it most.

Application Ritual

After your morning cleanse, take a moment to massage a small dollop of the C-Tetra Cream across your face, neck, and décolletage. For optimal protection, always follow with a sunblock.

Understanding the Magic

Every day, our skin battles an onslaught of environmental aggressors. When these challenges surpass the skin’s natural defences, early ageing signs can appear. With Medik8 C-Tetra Cream, we’re equipping your skin with a robust armour of antioxidants. This cream, rich in tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, amplifies the skin’s innate defences and combats ageing signs. It’s a multitasking marvel that hydrates, protects, and rejuvenates. With each application, journey towards a more luminous, youthful, and refreshed complexion. Trust in Medik8, trust in SkinAddict’s expertise.

How To Use

At SkinAddict, we’ve witnessed countless skincare revolutions, and the Medik8 C-Tetra Cream is genuinely transformative. Infusing the best of science and nature, this cream redefines daily skincare, promising to both protect and rejuvenate.

How to Use: Start your day with a refreshed slate. Post your morning cleanse, luxuriously massage a small amount of the C-Tetra Cream onto your face, neck, and décolletage. Embrace its silky texture and invigorating citrus notes. To ensure your skin receives maximum protection, always conclude your regimen with a high-quality sunblock.


Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate – A lipid-soluble form of vitamin C that provides exceptional antioxidant protection from harmful free radicals, while stimulating collagen production for a youthful looking complexion.

Vitamin E – A lipid-soluble antioxidant that is naturally present in the skin. Vitamin E protects the skin from free radicals is regenerated by vitamin C for optimum power.

Hyaluronic Acid – With a unique ability to attract and retain more than 1,000 times its own weight in water, hyaluronic acid draws moisture from the surrounding atmosphere into the skin, leaving the complexion both nourished and supple.

Moisture Magnets – Medik8’s signature hydrators bind to skin cells and grab onto water to lock moisture in tight where it is needed the most.



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