Environ Skin Essentia Eye Make Up Remover
Environ Skin Essentia Eye Make Up Remover


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Environ Skin Essentia Eye Make Up Remover


Environ Skin Essentia Eye Make Up Remover

Unveil clean and refreshed eyes with Environ Skin Essentia Eye Make-Up Remover. Expertly formulated to suit even the most sensitive eyes, this product effortlessly eliminates make-up without leaving any oily residue, ensuring your skin feels soft and smooth. This eye make up remover is gentle and ideal for those with sensitive eyes.

  1. Gentle Formula: This eye make-up remover is gentle and soothing, making it perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
  2. Effective Make-Up Removal: Even waterproof makeup doesn’t stand a chance against this potent yet gentle formulation.
  3. Oil-Free: The non-greasy formula ensures no oily residue is left behind, allowing your skin to breathe freely.
  4. Honeybush Leaf Extract: This natural ingredient soothes and hydrates your skin, while also aiding in enhancing your skin’s appearance.
  5. Safe for Eyelash Extensions: It delicately removes eye make-up without disrupting eyelash extensions, ensuring they last longer.


Due to the high concentrations of active ingredients, new Environ customers will need to complete a short Consultation form before their order can be dispatched. Orders can still be placed online, however, they will not be dispatched until the Consultation form has been completed.

Please note: The ingredients listed serve as a guide. For a comprehensive list of ingredients, kindly refer to the product packaging or the leaflet inside.

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Environ Skin Essentia Eye Make Up Remover

Experience Gentle, Effective Cleansing with Environ Skin EssentiA Oil Free Eye Make-Up Remover

Enter the world of gentle yet effective cleansing with Environ Skin EssentiA Oil Free Eye Make-Up Remover. Specifically formulated to be delicate on your skin while meticulously removing even the most stubborn makeup, this product is your ticket to clean, refreshed eyes after a long day.

Important Information for New Environ Customers

Our products contain high concentrations of active ingredients, therefore, we require all new Environ customers to complete a short consultation form before their orders can be dispatched. You’re welcome to place your orders online, and once the consultation form is completed, we will promptly dispatch your items.

Environ Skin EssentiA Oil Free Eye Make-Up Remover is no ordinary cleanser. It’s an oil-free solution that not only removes your eye makeup gently but also ensures the skin around your eyes remains hydrated and undisturbed. Infused with unique soothing properties and a delicate fragrance, this remover will make your makeup removal routine a tranquil experience.

Enjoy the numerous benefits of the Environ Skin EssentiA Oil Free Eye Make-Up Remover:

  1. Soothes the Skin: Crafted to be kind on your skin, this make-up remover also helps to soothe and calm the skin around the eyes.
  2. Effectively Removes Makeup: Tired of leftover makeup despite thorough cleansing? This product efficiently removes even the most stubborn eye makeup, leaving no trace behind.
  3. Safe for Contact Lens Wearers: Contact lens users, rejoice! This makeup remover is safe for use, causing no irritation.

Usage Instructions: Utilise this make-up remover at the end of the day before your pre-cleansing and evening skincare routine. Apply it to cotton wool pads and place them over your eyes. Leave them on for a few seconds to let the solution soak in, then gently rotate your fingers on the pads over your eyes to remove the makeup.

Remember: This product does not contain a sunscreen. Always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product.

The 100ml Environ Skin EssentiA Oil Free Eye Make-Up Remover has replaced the Environ AVST Eye Make-Up Remover and is in stock now.

With its gentle formulation, this eye makeup remover is ideal for those with sensitive eyes or those wearing contact lenses. Infused with honey bush leaf extract, it soothes and hydrates the skin whilst effortlessly removing even waterproof makeup, all without leaving an oily residue. It’s perfect for contact lens wearers and even suitable for those with eyelash extensions. Enjoy a hassle-free, effective cleansing experience with Environ.

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How To Use

At SkinAddict, we understand how essential proper skincare is. That’s why we bring you the Environ Skin Essentia Eye Make-Up Remover, a product designed to cleanse effectively without causing any irritation or dryness to your delicate eye area.

To use this product, apply it to a cotton wool pad and gently place it over your eyes. Leave the pads on for a few seconds to allow the solution to soak into the make-up. Afterward, lightly rotate your fingers over the pads to break up and remove the make-up. Repeat if necessary, then proceed with your regular skincare routine.


Ingredient Purpose
Cyclopentasiloxane A silicone that gives a silky feel and leaves a breathable, water-repellant layer, aiding in moisture retention.
Water(Aqua) Acts as a solvent and hydrates the skin.
Honeybush Leaf Extract Known for its antioxidant and soothing properties, helping to enhance skin’s appearance.
Glycerin A humectant that helps balance the moisture in your skin. If your skin is dry, it will draw in moisture and if your skin is oily, it will help decrease the oily appearance of your skin.


2 reviews for Environ Skin Essentia Eye Make Up Remover

  1. Kayleigh Minihane (verified owner)

    Never have I had an eye make up remover which has rid of even the most stubborn of mascaras. My lashes feel soft & cleansed after use. Product is easy to use and lasts ages, only need a small amount each time and hallelujah it’s oil free! This is a make up bag must have!

  2. Rachel Smith

    I get very dehydrated and dry around my eyes and this product has been amazing!

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