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Why Use Vitamin C in your Skin Care?

We all know vitamins are good for our insides, but why should we be putting it on our skin too?

As we naturally age, and environmental factors take their toll, collagen production slows down, leaving our skin looking dull, less firm and wrinkles start to appear. Vitamin C helps to stimulate collagen production making skin brighter, younger and firmer.

UV damage is the no.1 cause of aging. This is down to free-radical damage. Free-radicals attack the properties in our skin which give it a youthful appearance. Because Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant, which fight free-radicals, it’s a perfect ingredient in an anti-aging skin care regime.

If photo-damage has already appeared on your skin and pigmentation is present, the brightening properties of Vitamin C are great for reducing the melanin formation, evening skin tone and reducing the appearance of dark spots.

Vitamin C has reparative properties, so it’s used in products aimed at repairing sun damage, loss of collagen and fading scars.


There are plenty of ways of getting Vitamin C in to your skin care routine and on to your skin so you can start reaping the benefits.

All of the brands stocked at No.6 have ranges using Vitamin C, and advocate its benefits.

Environ’s Skin Essentia and Youth Essentia ranges are Vitamin A and C based as the two ingredients work amazingly together, making the products highly effective in achieving noticeable results.

A favourite product in salon is the Environ Mela-Even C-Boost Cream. An amazing addition to your AVST moisturiser, gives you an added boost of Vitamin C in your skin care.

Medik8 encourage everyone to use Vitamin C in the day time (and Vitamin A in the evening) alongside an SPF, which is how they developed their CSA system (Vitamin C and Sunscreen and Vitamin A).

A moisturiser that is always popular with clients is Daily Radiance Vitamin C with SPF 30. As well as having all the benefits that Vitamin C gives, the added SPF 30 makes it an ideal everyday go-to product.

Last but not least, Dermaquests amazing C Infusion Range has everything from a cleanser to masque to cover your routine from start to finish.

The foaming C Infusion Cleanser is refreshing to use morning and evening and is a firm favourite of our savvy skin-care customers to our new and novice clients too!

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