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Are You Suffering from MaskNE?

You’re certainly not alone. Since compulsory mask-wearing, we’ve seen a rise in clients wanting to treat maskne, which is actually different to acne. “Normal acne” is generally caused by hormonal changes, whilst maskne is caused by your mask rubbing on your skin or trapped moisture creating the perfect environment for maskne to thrive. Your mask is doing what it should be, helping to protect you, but unfortunately, it has skincare consequences such as breakouts and rosacea.



With this in mind, our experts share top ingredients to help prevent spots, redness and maskne scarring.



  1. Salicylic Acid is maskne enemy! As a BHA ingredient, it works on the surface of the skin but also deeper inside the pore, dissolving the trapped debris and excess sebum. We love OBAGI’S CLENZIDERM FOAM CLEANSER.
  2. Pumpkin is full of antibacterial ingredients and rich in enzymes that unblock pores, reduce breakouts and highly rejuvenate your skin leaving it glowing. DERMAQUEST’S MINI PUMPKIN MASQUE is perfect now that we can’t necessarily attend regular treatments. 
  3. Retinol helps to decongest pores and regulate sebum production for a clearer looking complexion while increasing healing, therefore minimising the risk of maskne scarring. Try MEDIK8’S INTELLIGENT RETINOL 

Click here for our full list of recommended products for acne.

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