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I apply eye-cream at night but I tend to wake up with puffy eyes. How can I help to reduce this?

Question: “I apply eye cream at night but I tend to wake up with puffy eyes. How can I help to reduce this?”

Answer: Your eye cream might be too rich. Switch to a gentle formula, such as Environ’s Vita Peptide Eye Gel. You could also be allergic to your eye-makeup remover, switch to Environ’s AVST Eye Makeup Remover.

Alcohol can also contribute to swelling under your eyes, so drink water before, during and after a big night out.

Cut down on consumption of salt and processed foods as well, as fluid retention can be a big factor.

Try sleeping with an extra pillow, the higher elevation can prevent fluid build-up, and sleep on your back if possible to prevent ‘scrunching up’ the sensitive skin around the eye area.

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