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RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash


RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash: Elevate Your Eye Care Routine

Transform your approach to eye care with RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash, the ultimate 3-in-1 cleanser designed to pamper your lashes, brows, and lids. This exceptional formula not only removes makeup with unmatched gentleness but also conditions and hydrates the delicate skin around your eyes. Experience the sensation of perfectly clean, refreshed eyes without any residue.

  • Gentle Yet Effective: Crafted for the most delicate areas, it effortlessly removes makeup without harsh rubbing or irritation.
  • Conditioning and Hydrating: Enriched with ingredients like panthenol, aloe, and chamomile, it goes beyond cleansing, offering deep hydration and soothing care.
  • Perfect Prep: Ideal for preparing lashes and brows for the application of RevitaLash® Advanced and RevitaBrow® Advanced, enhancing their beauty and health.
  • Safe for Sensitive Eyes: Ophthalmologist and dermatologist reviewed, hypoallergenic, and safe for contact lens wearers, ensuring compatibility with sensitive eyes.
  • Ethically Formulated: Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and free from parabens, phthalates, fragrance, or gluten, aligning with your ethical beauty standards.
  • Revolutionary Micelle Technology: Utilizes micelles to draw out impurities, ensuring a thorough cleanse without stripping moisture.

Note: The ingredient highlights provided serve as a guide to what makes Micellar Water Lash Wash so effective. For a complete list of ingredients and their benefits, please refer to the information on the product packaging or the enclosed leaflet.

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RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash: The Ultimate 3-in-1 Eye Cleanser

Elevate Your Eye Care Routine with RevitaLash

Dive into the world of sophisticated eye care with the RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash, a product that has earned a flawless 5.0 out of 5-star rating. This revolutionary 3-in-1 cleanser is expertly formulated to cater to your lashes, brows, and lids, offering a gentle yet effective makeup removal experience. Beyond mere cleansing, it conditions and hydrates, leaving behind a residue-free, refreshingly clean sensation.

Transformative Care for Lashes, Brows, and Lids

Our Micellar Water Lash Wash goes beyond traditional makeup removers. It’s designed not only to cleanse but also to condition and hydrate, preparing your eye area for the full RevitaLash and RevitaBrow Advanced experience. Its meticulous formulation ensures your lashes and brows are primed for enhancement products, while also setting the perfect base for skincare and makeup application.

Why RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash Stands Apart

  • Eyelash Extension Friendly: Specially formulated to be safe for use with eyelash extensions, ensuring longevity and condition.
  • Sensitive Eye Solution: Free from harsh chemicals and irritants, making it perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
  • Expert-Approved: Reviewed by Ophthalmologists and Dermatologists, our formula meets the highest standards of safety and efficacy.
  • Refreshingly Gentle: 98% of users in an independent consumer study confirmed it left their eye area feeling clean without irritation.
  • Hydration Hero: Not only does it cleanse, but it also hydrates, with 95% of users agreeing it felt refreshing upon application.
  • Ethically Formulated: Oil-free, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free, with no parabens, phthalates, fragrance, or gluten.

Consumer-Approved Efficacy

  • 98% said their eye area felt clean after use.
  • 98% confirmed the product did not irritate the eye area.
  • 95% felt the product was refreshing upon application.

Embark on a Journey of Enhanced Eye Care

With RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash, step into a realm where every cleanse is a moment of rejuvenation for your lashes, brows, and lids. Experience the blend of gentle cleansing, conditioning, and refreshing hydration, all while preparing your eye area for the next steps in your beauty regimen. Trust in RevitaLash, a brand synonymous with pioneering eye care solutions, to elevate your routine and unveil the true beauty of your eyes.

How To Use

RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash is a revolutionary 3-in-1 cleanser designed to elevate your eye care routine. This gentle yet effective formula ensures your lashes, brows, and lids are impeccably clean, conditioned, and hydrated, setting the perfect foundation for the application of RevitaLash Advanced and RevitaBrow Advanced, as well as skincare and makeup.

Application Steps:

  • Step 1: Spray 4-6 times onto a cotton pad. For lash extensions, spray directly onto closed eyes instead.
  • Step 2: Gently press the pad against your closed eye for 10-15 seconds to help loosen makeup.
  • Step 3: Wipe the eye area clean. Repeat as needed to fully remove makeup and impurities from lashes, brows, eyelids, and lash line.


Complete Ingredients List for RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash:

Ingredient Purpose
Aqua/Water/Eau Acts as the solvent base for the product, dissolving other ingredients.
Hexylene Glycol Helps to dissolve makeup and improve the texture of the product.
Glycerin A humectant that attracts moisture to the skin, keeping the eye area hydrated.
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Known for its soothing and moisturizing properties, aloe vera helps to calm the skin around the eyes.
Chamomilla Recutita Flower Water Offers soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits, ideal for the sensitive eye area.
Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate A mild surfactant that helps to cleanse the skin by helping water to mix with oil and dirt so they can be rinsed away.
Hydroxyacetophenone Acts as an antioxidant and skin-conditioning agent, enhancing the product’s protection against irritants.
Polyglycerin-4, Polyglycerin-6 These ingredients work as moisturizers, helping to enhance the skin’s hydration levels.
1,2-Hexanediol Serves as a humectant and moisturizer, contributing to the product’s texture and efficacy.
Caprylyl Glycol Functions as a skin conditioning agent that increases the antimicrobial activity of other preservatives.
Panthenol Also known as Pro-Vitamin B5, it moisturizes, soothes, and helps to restore and strengthen eyelashes and brows.
Sodium Chloride Used to adjust the viscosity of the product, ensuring it has the right consistency for application.
Citric Acid Adjusts the pH of the product to ensure it’s gentle on the skin and maintains the stability of active ingredients.
Potassium Sorbate Works as a preservative, preventing the growth of mold, yeast, and bacteria in the product.
Sodium Benzoate Another preservative that extends the shelf life of the product by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Note: A natural color shift in the product may occur over time, which is normal and does not affect its efficacy. This comprehensive list should provide a clearer understanding of what each ingredient contributes to the RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash. For the most accurate ingredient information, always check the product’s packaging or the accompanying documentation.


Is RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash suitable for daily use?

Absolutely. RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash is designed for daily use to effectively remove makeup, dirt, and oil while conditioning and hydrating your lashes, brows, and eyelids. Its gentle formula ensures it can be a staple in your daily skincare and eye care routine, providing a fresh, clean base for makeup application or bedtime.

How does Micellar Water Lash Wash benefit my lashes and brows?

RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash is infused with micelle technology, panthenol, aloe, and chamomile, making it more than just a makeup remover. These key ingredients work together to attract and remove impurities without drying out the skin, while also delivering soothing moisture and fortifying lashes and brows. This results in cleaner, healthier-looking lashes and brows, prepared for the application of other RevitaLash products.

Can Micellar Water Lash Wash be used by individuals with sensitive skin?

Yes, it is hypoallergenic and has been ophthalmologist and dermatologist reviewed, making it safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. The inclusion of calming ingredients like aloe and chamomile further ensures it is gentle on the skin, reducing the risk of irritation.

Is the product vegan and cruelty-free?

RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. It aligns with our commitment to ethical beauty standards, ensuring no animal-derived ingredients and no animal testing in its development.

How should I use Micellar Water Lash Wash if I have eyelash extensions?

For those with lash extensions, avoid using a cotton pad as it may snag the extensions. Instead, spray the solution directly onto closed eyes, lightly massaging along the lashes, brows, and lids before gently wiping away with a soft, dry cloth. This method ensures effective cleansing without compromising the integrity of your extensions.

What should I do if I experience a natural color shift in the product?

A natural color shift in RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash does not affect the product's efficacy. It remains safe and effective for cleansing the eye area. However, always store the product as directed and away from direct sunlight to minimize any changes.

How does Micellar Water Lash Wash compare to traditional makeup removers?

RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash stands out for its gentle yet effective micelle technology, which removes makeup, dirt, and oil without harsh rubbing or rinsing. Unlike some traditional makeup removers, it doesn’t leave a residue, ensuring your lashes and brows are left clean and conditioned.

What is the shelf life of Micellar Water Lash Wash after opening?

For optimal performance, we recommend using Micellar Water Lash Wash within 6 months after opening. This ensures that the ingredients remain active and effective for cleansing and conditioning the eye area.