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Environ Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT


Environ Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT

Dive into advanced skincare with the Environ Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT™. A masterfully designed hand-held roller tailored specifically for body application, it seamlessly integrates with the Environ product range to amplify your skincare results.

  1. Precision Craftsmanship: Designed with a fluid action roller head embedded with robust stainless steel micro-needles measuring a precise 0.2mm.
  2. Optimal Ingredient Penetration: Enhances the potency of active ingredients in topical Environ products, driving deeper nourishment.
  3. Combat Early Signs of Ageing: Rediscover the allure of skin tightness, turning back the clock on early ageing signs.
  4. Even Out & Elevate: Expedite the reduction of uneven skin tone and texture, revealing a smoother skin surface.
  5. Visibly Reduce Imperfections: Diminish the appearance of fine lines and scars, unveiling your skin’s natural beauty.

Note: The ingredients highlighted serve as a brief overview. For a comprehensive ingredient list, kindly refer to the product box or the enclosed leaflet.


Due to the high concentrations of active ingredients, new Environ customers will need to complete a short Consultation form before their order can be dispatched. Orders can still be placed online, however, they will not be dispatched until the Consultation form has been completed.

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Environ Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT

Experience the Magic of Environ Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT™ at SkinAddict

Empower your skincare routine with the Environ Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT™. At SkinAddict, we believe in providing tools that complement and elevate your skincare journey. Here’s a step-by-step guide to harnessing the full potential of this innovative instrument.

Unveiling the Secret to Deep Penetration: The Environ Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT™

The Environ Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT™ isn’t just another skincare tool; it’s an artistry in motion. Crafted with precision, this hand-held rolling marvel boasts a seamlessly smooth roller head with 108 robust stainless steel micro-needles, each being a precise 0.2 mm in length.

Why It’s The Choice for Your Body

Intentionally designed for body application, this instrument primes the skin to embrace active ingredients more effectively. Dive deeper, and let your skin drink up the nourishment it truly deserves.

A Universal Fit – With A Few Exceptions

Our Body Roll-CIT™ is compatible with most skin types. However, it’s paramount to ensure your skin’s safety. We advise against its use if you have:

  • Acne-prone skin
  • Severe Solar Keratosis
  • Raised moles or warts
  • Conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis, or Rosacea
  • If you’re navigating the Environ range for the first time

Durability and Care

Invest in a product that stands the test of time. With a shelf life of 12 months, our Body Roll-CIT™ is a lasting companion in your skincare journey.

Synergise for Optimal Results

Pairing the Body Roll-CIT™ with topical Environ products amplifies benefits like:

  • Maximising the potency of ingredients in your Environ regimen
  • Recapturing the allure of skin tightness during early aging signs
  • Accelerating the evening out of skin tone and refining texture
  • Diminishing the prominence of fine lines and scars

Master the Environ Body Roll-CIT™ Ritual

  1. Begin with a pristine canvas. Ensure your skin is clean and fresh.
  2. Roll the Body Roll-CIT™ vertically, obliquely, and horizontally, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the desired treatment area. Keep at it for about 3 minutes.
  3. Follow up with your chosen Environ moisturiser, oil, lotion, or specialised treatment.
  4. If your skin shows signs of sensitivity post-treatment, give it a break until it feels ready.
  5. Initiate your journey rolling twice a week, gradually transitioning to daily sessions. We recommend nighttime use for optimal results.
  6. Keep your instrument in top shape by cleaning with the Environ Roll-CIT Cleansing solution.

At SkinAddict, Your Skin’s Transformation is Our Expertise

Dive into a holistic skincare experience, backed by authoritative insights and grounded in trust. Choose the Environ Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT™. Choose SkinAddict.

How To Use

  1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly, ensuring a fresh canvas.
  2. Gently roll the Body Roll-CIT™ vertically, obliquely, and horizontally, covering the intended treatment area for about 3 minutes.
  3. Follow with your selected Environ moisturiser, oil, lotion, or treatment.
  4. If post-treatment sensitivity occurs, wait until your skin feels ready for the next session.
  5. Start with bi-weekly rolling sessions, gradually increasing to daily routines. Opt for nighttime use for best results.
  6. Maintain the instrument’s cleanliness using the Environ Roll-CIT Cleansing solution.


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What makes the Environ Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT different from other rollers?

The Environ Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT stands out due to its meticulous craftsmanship. Unlike many rollers, it boasts a seamlessly smooth roller head embedded with 108 robust stainless steel micro-needles, each of 0.2 mm in length. Designed to work in harmony with the Environ skincare range, it ensures deeper penetration of active ingredients, offering an enhanced skincare experience.

Can I use the Body Roll-CIT on my face?

This instrument is primarily designed for body application. The skin on your face is more delicate than that on your body. For facial needs, there might be other specialised products in the Environ range more suitable for that purpose.

Are there any skin types that should avoid using the Body Roll-CIT?

Yes, while it's suitable for most skin types, we recommend against using it on acne-prone skin, skin with severe solar keratosis, raised moles or warts, and conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea. First-time users of Environ products should also exercise caution.

How often should I replace my Body Roll-CIT?

With good care, the Body Roll-CIT boasts a shelf life of 12 months. However, if you notice any blunt or bent needles, it's crucial to replace the instrument immediately to ensure skin safety.

How does the Body Roll-CIT enhance the effectiveness of Environ products?

The micro-needling action of the roller creates micro-channels in the skin. This process helps in increasing the penetration of active ingredients found in Environ products, making them work more efficiently.

What should I do if my skin feels sensitive after using the Body Roll-CIT?

If your skin exhibits sensitivity post-use, it's essential to pause the treatments until it feels comfortable. Always listen to your skin, ensuring it's not under any undue stress.

Can I use the Body Roll-CIT during the day?

For optimal results and minimal sensitivity, we recommend using the Body Roll-CIT™ during nighttime only. This allows your skin ample time to recover and absorb products without exposure to external factors.

Why should I clean the Body Roll-CIT with the Environ Roll-CIT Cleansing solution?

Ensuring your instrument is impeccably clean is paramount. The Environ Roll-CIT Cleansing solution is specifically formulated to sanitise and maintain the Body Roll-CIT, ensuring longevity and skin safety.