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No.6 and summer skincare regime

Here at No.6 Clinic and our specialist skin experts always advise our clients to adapt their skincare regime for upcoming holidays in the sun, and the summer months ahead, by ensuring you have products that will protect, gently exfoliate and provide extra hydration to maintain perfect skin health.


Dermaquest’s Essential B5 Hydrating Serum is pure hydration in a bottle. Ideal to layer underneath your normal moisturiser for an additional boost, especially good for travelling, dehydrated skin, city skins and intense hot environments.


We know we repeat ourselves but staying protected in the sun is THE single most important factor to your health and SPF is the Holy Grail of anti-ageing. Invest in our premium SPFs which are designed to protect and nourish your skin with antioxidants. 

Dermaquest’s SunArmor SPF 50 not only prevents solar damage but helps to revive and rejuvenate skin too. Our Aestheticians highly recommend this product for your summer holiday for the whole family.


Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt removes all makeup including stubborn eye makeup and regulates the PH of the skin, ideal for holidays, nights away and camping trips.

Gently Exfoliate

Environ Sebuwash or DermaQuest Essential Daily Cleanser will be suitable for all skin types in hot weather to gently exfoliate after having to re-apply SPF throughout the day.


Did you know that we are now an official Revitalash stockist? Enhance your natural lashes with dramatic volume and instant conditioning with this award-winning product.

Top Tip

Don’t forget to apply products to your neck and hands. The skin around the neck can be thinner, more sensitive and prone to changes in pigment, sun damage, texture―and, yes, to wrinkles. Start to make a conscious effort in continuing your skincare regime below your jawline and right down to your chest area.

This is a small sample of the result-driven, clinic only products that we recommend which will protect and maintain your skin this summer.

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