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Environ Instrument Cleaning Solution


Environ Instrument Cleaning Solution

Dive into skincare with confidence, knowing your prized tools are cared for. The Environ Micro-Needling Instrument Cleaning Solution is meticulously formulated to complement and safeguard your Focus CIT, Roll-CIT, GOLD Roll-CIT, and Body Roll-CIT, ensuring they perform at their peak, every time.

Environ Micro-Needling Instrument Cleaning Solution: The Essential Guardian of Your Skincare Tools

  1. All-Encompassing Compatibility: Seamlessly suitable for all roller brands, be it Environ or others.
  2. Revive & Protect: Meticulously designed to rejuvenate your instruments, keeping them in pristine condition, ensuring longevity.
  3. Broad-Spectrum Sterilisation: Not just a cleaner, but a steriliser. Trust it to purify not only dermal rollers but also derma stamps, offering a comprehensive cleanse.
  4. Maintain Instrument Efficacy: By ensuring your tools are free from contaminants, it ensures optimal performance, leading to better skincare results.
  5. Peace of Mind: With every clean, be assured of a hygienic skincare experience, free from potential skin irritants.

Note: The ingredients highlighted serve as a brief introduction. Always refer to the product box or the included leaflet for a comprehensive ingredient list.


Due to the high concentrations of active ingredients, new Environ customers will need to complete a short Consultation form before their order can be dispatched. Orders can still be placed online, however, they will not be dispatched until the Consultation form has been completed.

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Environ Instrument Cleaning Solution

Experience Optimal Care with the Roll-Cit Cleaning Solution at SkinAddict

Investing in the Roll-Cit Cleaning Solution is a testament to your commitment to skincare excellence. Let’s ensure your Cosmetic Roll-CIT gets the care it deserves, preserving its efficacy for countless skincare sessions.

The Ultimate Partner to Your Cosmetic Roll-CIT

Trust in the Roll-Cit cleaning solution to be the dedicated companion to your cherished Cosmetic Roll-CIT. Expertly formulated, this solution ensures your instrument remains in impeccable condition, free from bacteria and ready to deliver exceptional skincare results.

A Word of Expert Caution

While the Roll-Cit cleaning solution is potent and effective, remember never to leave your Cosmetic Roll-CIT submerged in it overnight. At SkinAddict, we’re committed to providing accurate guidance, ensuring you get the best from your skincare tools.

Extend, Protect, and Preserve

  1. Life Extension: Regular use of this cleaning solution prolongs the lifespan of your Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT, Focus-CIT, and the Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT.
  2. Hygienic Assurance: Keep your Roll-CIT immaculate and bacteria-free, ensuring safe skin application every time.

A Simple Cleaning Ritual for Long-lasting Excellence

  1. Pour the cleaning solution into the holder designated for Cosmetic Roll-CIT or Cosmetic Focus-CIT.
  2. Allow your instrument to rest in the solution for a span of 10-15 minutes.
  3. Rinse off the cleaning solution thoroughly with water.
  4. For best results, allow your Roll-CIT to air dry before stowing it away.
  5. Maintain this cleaning routine once a week for optimal instrument health.
  6. Before and after each use, swiftly rinse your Roll-CIT under warm water for a minute.
  7. Remember, soaking overnight is a no-go. Our experience dictates: short and regular cleans yield the best results.

Your Skincare Journey, Our Expert Guidance

Embarking on a skincare journey requires dedication and the right tools. With the Roll-Cit Cleaning Solution, ensure the longevity and efficacy of your Cosmetic Roll-CIT. Trust in SkinAddict – your authoritative partner in skincare excellence.

How To Use

  • Pour the cleaning solution into your Cosmetic Roll-CIT or Cosmetic Focus-CIT holder.
  • Immerse your instrument in the solution, letting it rest for 10-15 minutes.
  • Rinse the instrument thoroughly with clean water.
  • Allow it to air dry, ensuring no moisture remains.
  • Commit to this ritual once a week, with a quick rinse under warm water before and after each use.
  • Store your cleaning solution in a cool, dry place.


Ingredient Purpose
Aqua (Water) Base solvent
Alcohol Denat. Acts as a disinfectant & cleaning agent
PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil Surfactant; aids in solution consistency
Polysorbate 20 Helps in stabilising solution
Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil Natural antimicrobial & fragrance provider
Limonene Derived from citrus oils; fragrance component
Tocopherol Antioxidant; protects solution integrity
Disodium EDTA Stabilises and preserves solution

Always refer to the product packaging for the most accurate ingredient information.


Why is the Roll-Cit Cleaning Solution essential for my Cosmetic Roll-CIT?

The Roll-Cit Cleaning Solution is not just a cleaner; it's a lifeline for your instrument. Using this solution ensures that your Cosmetic Roll-CIT is free from harmful bacteria, which could transfer to your skin if not properly cleaned. Beyond hygiene, it plays a pivotal role in extending the life of your instrument, ensuring you get consistent and safe performance with every use.

Can I leave my Cosmetic Roll-CIT in the cleaning solution overnight?

No, it's essential not to leave the instrument submerged overnight. While the Roll-Cit Cleaning Solution is effective, prolonged exposure could potentially damage your Cosmetic Roll-CIT. Always adhere to the recommended soaking time for optimal results and instrument longevity.

How often should I clean my Cosmetic Roll-CIT with this solution?

For the best results and utmost hygiene, use the Roll-Cit Cleaning Solution once a week. However, always rinse your Roll-CIT under warm water for about a minute before and after each use to maintain cleanliness.

Can the Roll-Cit Cleaning Solution be used with other instruments besides the Cosmetic Roll-CIT?

Absolutely! This cleaning solution is also ideal for the Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT, Focus-CIT, and the Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT. It's a versatile cleaner designed to cater to the entire Roll-CIT family.

Is there a risk of skin irritation from residue left on the instrument after cleaning?

Rinsing the instrument thoroughly after cleaning ensures no residue remains. The solution ingredients, like Tea Tree Leaf Oil, are known for their skin-friendly properties. However, always ensure you follow the recommended cleaning and rinsing procedures for peace of mind.

What makes Tea Tree Oil an ingredient in this cleaning solution?

Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil is renowned for its natural antimicrobial properties. Its inclusion ensures effective cleaning while adding a pleasant, subtle fragrance.

Can I use alternative cleaning solutions for my Cosmetic Roll-CIT?

At SkinAddict, we recommend using the Roll-Cit Cleaning Solution specifically designed for the Roll-CIT range. This ensures optimal cleaning without risking damage to your skincare instrument.

How do I store the cleaning solution after use?

Store the Roll-Cit Cleaning Solution in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Ensure the bottle cap is tightly sealed to maintain its efficacy.