Environ Concentrated Retinol Serum 1
Environ Concentrated Retinol Serum 1


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Environ Concentrated Retinol Serum 1


Environ Concentrated Retinol Serum 1

Discover the magic of Environ’s Concentrated Retinol Serum 1, meticulously crafted with potent concentrations of vitamin A. This serum is not just another addition to your skincare routine; it’s a transformative experience designed to normalise, refine, and elevate your skin’s intrinsic glow.

  1. Potent Vitamin A Concentration: Harnessing the power of high-grade vitamin A to rejuvenate and smooth skin texture.
  2. Skin Refinement: Tailored to reduce skin irregularities, revealing a more even-toned complexion.
  3. Revolutionary Normalisation: Aids in balancing the skin, diminishing the appearance of blemishes and imperfections.
  4. Advanced Formulation: A product of rigorous research and innovation, ensuring efficacy with every drop.
  5. Integrated Skincare: Perfectly complements other products in the Environ range for a holistic skincare regimen.

Note: The ingredients mentioned above serve as a snapshot of this product’s powerhouse components. For a detailed breakdown, always refer to the box or accompanying leaflet inside.


Due to the high concentrations of active ingredients, new Environ customers will need to complete a short Consultation form before their order can be dispatched. Orders can still be placed online, however, they will not be dispatched until the Consultation form has been completed.


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Environ Concentrated Retinol Serum 1

Evolving Excellence: Introducing the Enhanced Retinol Serum

Formerly known as Intensive Retinol 1, Environ’s revamped and rebranded Focus Care Youth+ Concentrated Retinol Serum 1 stands as a testament to our dedication at SkinAddict to ceaseless innovation and improvement.

A Legacy of Anti-Ageing Mastery: Environ Concentrated Retinol Serum 1

The Environ Focus Care Youth+ range has been meticulously crafted for those who prioritise age-defiant skin. This particular serum boasts a potent mix of vitamin A and bovine colostrum, encapsulated in a non-greasy blend that’s perfect for everyday use. And as the pioneering phase of our esteemed Environ Retinol step-up system, it sets the tone for advanced skincare.

Freshness Guaranteed
Active ingredients lose their potency over time. Recognising this, we ensure our Retinol Serum is always freshly dated. This commitment guarantees that you’re applying ingredients at their peak potency, assuring optimal results.

Distinguished Benefits:

  • Evens out skin tone, restoring a natural radiance.
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and smoothes texture.
  • Universally suitable, catering to all skin types.
  • Pregnancy-friendly. While safe, Environ advises using lower Vitamin A levels if you experience sensitivity during this period.

Application Guide:
Caution: Suitable only for skin acclimated to AVST MOISTURISER 5, C-QUENCE SERUM 4 PLUS, or SEBU-ACE OIL.

Evening Rituals Only for Environ Concentrated Retinol Serum 1: As this serum is potent, we recommend introducing it gradually into your skincare routine.

  1. Begin by cleansing and toning your face.
  2. Gently apply a thin layer of the Concentrated Retinol Serum (1, 2 or 3 depending on your stage). For amplified results, pair with the Electro-Sonic DF Mobile Device.
  3. Let it settle.
  4. Seal in the benefits with your chosen Environ Vitamin A cream. Alternatively, mix all products for a combined application.
  5. As Vitamin A can increase sun sensitivity, ensure you apply an SPF the next morning as a protective measure.

Usage Guide:

  • Retinol Serum 1: Approx. 2-3 bottles.
  • Retinol Serum 2: Approx. 2-3 bottles.
  • Retinol Serum 3: Continue for maintenance.

Pack Size: 30ml

Your skin’s health is our pride and passion at SkinAddict. Trust in our expertise.

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How To Use

The journey to ageless, radiant skin begins with understanding the product you’re using. Environ’s Concentrated Retinol Serum 1 is a power-packed potion, and when used correctly, can transform your skin. Here’s how to harness its full potential.

How to Use:

  1. Begin with a cleansed and toned face.
  2. Gently layer on a thin spread of the Concentrated Retinol Serum.
  3. For enhanced results, combine with the Electro-Sonic DF Mobile Device.
  4. Follow up with your favourite Environ Vitamin A cream.
  5. In the morning, remember to apply SPF to protect your skin.



What was this product previously called?

Previously known as Intensive Retinol 1, the rebranded Environ Concentrated Retinol Serum 1 is an enhanced formula, keeping the ethos of its predecessor but with amplified benefits.

Is this product suitable for all skin types?

Absolutely. This serum is formulated to suit all skin types. However, it's crucial to introduce it gradually, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Can I use this serum during pregnancy?

Yes, the serum is safe for use during pregnancy. However, if you have sensitive skin during this period, Environ advises using products with lower Vitamin A levels.

Why is the product freshly dated?

Active ingredients, especially potent ones like in this serum, can lose their efficacy over time. Fresh dating ensures that you're applying these ingredients at their peak potency, ensuring optimal skin benefits.

How does this serum fit into the Environ Retinol step-up system?

This serum represents the first phase in the Environ Retinol step-up system, setting the foundation for advanced skincare.

Can I use this product in the morning?

The serum is designed for evening use. As Vitamin A can increase sun sensitivity, it's crucial to apply an SPF the next morning as a protective measure.

How many bottles will I need before moving to the next Retinol serum?

For Retinol Serum 1, it's recommended to go through approximately 2-3 bottles before progressing to Retinol Serum 2.

Is there a specific way to store this serum?

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight to preserve the potency of the active ingredients.

Ingredient Purpose
Vitamin A Smoothens skin, reduces appearance of fine lines
Bovine Colostrum Enhances skin resilience, provides hydration

Note: The grid is a representation. Please refer to the product box or leaflet inside for a comprehensive list of ingredients.


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