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Dr Levy Pollution Shield 5PF

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Dr Levy Pollution Shield 5PF is a full level pollution screen that protects against five of the most harmful pollutants

  • Atmospheric pollution and gase
  • Microscopic particulate matter
  • Household chemicals
  • Infrared rays
  • “Blue light” from electronic screens


Offers 4 types of protection:

  • Anti-adherence: protects against household chemicals, particulate matter, and atmospheric gas before they reach your skin, by creating an invisible shield between your skin and the environment.
  • Anti-penetration: fortifies the skin’s natural lipid barrier and helps restore your skins firm complexion.
  • Anti-oxidation: helps reduce free radical attacks and prevents cellular damage that inflamation may cause thanks to ultra-concentrated Vitamin E and the co-enzyme Q10.
  • Anti-ageing: restores skin to its natural complexion by regenerating and warding off any further pollution exposure thanks to Niacinamide and Vitamin C.

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