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Winter skincare

The winter skincare blog!

Let it Glow!

The cold may not bother Elsa but we’re not a huge fan of this weather ❄️! However, winter skin isn’t inevitable. You don’t need to suffer with dry, sore skin. Instead take note of these top tips and products from our experts and you’ll be glowing in no time…

  1. Nourish overnight – By using products overnight such as Medik8’s Sleep Glycolic you are allowing your skin the time it needs to absorb the results-driven ingredients. 
  2. Adjust your skincare – This time of year you need to be using moisturisers that repair the skin’s barrier and lock in hydration. Environ’s AVST does just that plus it helps revitalise the appearance of the skin, resulting in a radiant glow. 
  3. Dial down the water temp – when washing your face avoid hot water as this can cause irritation. 
  4. Serum saviours  – Medik8’s Hydr8 B5 Serum or Medik8 C Tetra are both ideal to layer under your skincare to give you that needed boost. Ideally wait 5 minutes after you have cleansed before applying a serum, then wait until after to apply your moisturiser. 
  5. You still need to wear SPF – Medik8 Advanced Day Total Protect is a deeply hydrating moisturiser with added UVA sun protection and blue light defence from mobile and computer screens. 
  6. Shed the dead – Exfoliate your skin cells to reveal a clear, smooth complexion. ZO’s Exfoliating Cleanser and Polish are ideal. Using circular motions, gently massage the product into your skin, this motion will help remove the old skin cells. Only do this step if your skin isn’t feeling too sensitive. 
  7. Stay hydrated 💧make sure you drink lots of H2O to help feed the skin from within.

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